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Women of Jericho

Women of Jericho is our empowerment program that encourages, strengthen and empower women to take control of their lives and their future. We do this by helping them rebuild their self-esteem and belief in themselves and understanding that no matter what has happened in their past or present lives, they can always have a brighter future. We are headquartered in Norcross, GA but we are building support groups throughout greater Gwinnett County.  This program was established out of the need for women to have a support system in place to lean on in times of difficulties dealing with tragic life situations.   We do this by offering free counseling, seminars, outings in and out of town and an around the clock communication through our emergency access line.  We are also now in partnership with two other organizations that deals with domestic violence and substance abuse for women.  We also have a food pantry to offer free food to those that are in need via our partnership with local grocers, thus alleviating the feeling of inadequacy in the ability to provide the most basic necessity for their children, food.


Women of Jericho understands that the daily pressures of life can be overwhelming, especially to single women with children.  Due to financial difficulties, vacations or times of refreshing is not an option for most mothers; therefore once a year we do a three day getaway retreat, free of charge so that the women can relax and replenish themselves. 


At this retreat, we have guest speakers who will come and speak to our women, but the main focus is for the women to relax and enjoy time with their other “sisters” and bond as a group.  It is through this bonding that they begin to build their strength and understand they are not alone in this journey. 


Although non-sectarian in nature, Women of Jericho is grounded in biblical principles that speak peace, power and prosperity into the lives of all those seeking it.  

Glorious Gardens

The Glorious Gardens program will serve as a feeding program to the public. It will partner with area churches and other establishments as a center for distribution of food to the public at no cost to the recipients. This will be an outward expression of God's love for all; regardless of race, color, or religion and will be the cornerstone of putting our mission statement in action.

Seeds of Solomon

The Seeds of Solomon Educational Assistance Program, will provide much-needed supplies, resources and tutoring to at risk students of the public school sector. By partnering with area schools, it will aid in the educational development of these students,  resulting in positive academic performance.

S.T.E.M. Knights

The S.T.E.M. Knights group will serve as a mentorship program designed for young males who desire assistance and guidance as they travel the roads of life on their way to manhood. The main implementation of this program will be formed from the platform of a book to be written and published for public dissemination. This program will develop mentors and mentees alike on the premise of "Each One, Teach One" philosophy.


The Rosebuds group will be the mentorship program designed for young females who desire assistance
and guidance as they develop into the arena of womanhood. It will be recognized as the sister organization to
the S.T.E.M. Knights group.

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