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About Roses

Rose oSharon EShaddai International Ministries, Inc., (R.O.S.E.S.), is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit public charity founded in 2015 and incorporated in 2016.  R.O.S.E.S. was established to provide those most in need with concrete support and resources including the basic necessities of life at no cost or obligation. R.O.S.E.S. offers 5 distinct public services: WOMEN OF JERICHO which is our Women Empowerment Group; GLORIOUS GARDENS which is our Hunger-Relief Program; ROSEBUDS – our Young Female Mentorship & Life-Skills Training Program; STEM KNIGHTS, our Young Males Mentorship & Life-Skills Training Program.  SEEDS OF SOLOMON – our Educational Program. All services are provided to clients without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. 

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Women of Jericho

Women of Jericho is our empowerment program that encourages, strengthens and empowers women to take control of their lives and their future. We understand that the daily pressures of life can be overwhelming, especially to single women with children. Although non-sectarian in nature, Women of Jericho is grounded in biblical principles that speak peace, power and prosperity into the lives of all those seeking it.  Women of Jericho currently has two chapters, one located in Tampa, Florida and the other in Decatur, Georgia. It is our goal to open various chapters throughout Georgia, Florida and beyond.

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